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  1. 8 months ago
    Fri Jan 27 14:17:02 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in Woke up this morning feeling fine.

    On a musical link....... After he Fool'em game I wandered into Brixton and found myself an exile on Cold Harbour Lane before going to Electric Avenue.

    Tim Nice But ... Alabama 3 Bound With A Touch Of Eddy Grant

  2. Mon Jan 23 15:20:28 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in Reading, Reading Between The Lines.

    The area was awash with Chelscum and Arse fans too. I even worked for a bloke who was a Cheski AND Brentford supporter. He took a lot of stick over the years; and deserved every moment of it too ;-) I think the Reading lot were generally quieter, but there were plenty of 'em about. I did find a few fellow R's, but reckon we were out numbered by the fakers. In this instance quality made up for quantity.
    Being a Bletchley boy, I was used to the London overspill effect. There were bloomin' hundreds of London team fans everywhere; along with the obligatory southern Manure and cess-'Pool fans.

    Tim Nice But ... The World Is A Great Big Melting Pot

  3. 9 months ago
    Wed Jan 18 10:36:15 2017
    Tim Nice But started the conversation Fool'em.

    Got my ticket for Saturday and, more importantly, got a pass out as we're in the smoke for my daughters wedding Friday. She's given me the ok to slope off with the groom for a couple of hours on Saturday. Guess I brought her up with the correct priorities.

    Tim Nice But ... SAR Bound

  4. Mon Jan 16 08:11:11 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in Reading, Reading Between The Lines.

    Bos Man, There are a fair few, but like myself they were commuting in. The M3/M4 corridor was full of the fakers. I guess they used to keep a lower profile before their "resurgence". It was always fun winding them up, and invariably really really easy.

    Tim Nice But ... Mad Jet Ski Staduim Of Shite

  5. Fri Jan 13 09:17:52 2017
    Tim Nice But started the conversation Reading, Reading Between The Lines.

    Well, despite our history of losing to the dregs and beating the title chasers, I really didn't expect us to beat the fake hoops last night. Having worked in the Camberley, Farnborough, Bracknell area for 20 odd years I know a lot of Reading Fakers. I've enjoyed listening to them telling me how their manager was bringing Barca style footy to the Mudjetski. Having watched them last night I can only conclude that they are really really deluded. I've enjoyed renewing their aquaintance immensley. From here on in their manager should be known as Jaap's Eye Stam - the man who will have you turning Japanese over his style of play before you know it........not!

    Tim Nice But .... It's Good To Talk

  6. Thu Jan 12 08:16:23 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in 20th Birthday.

    20 years, blimey. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?

    Tim Nice But ... Nice One BT

  7. Thu Dec 22 12:19:17 2016
    Tim Nice But started the conversation Reasons To Be Cheerfull......

    In view of all the negativity and demand for instant gratification that pervades the R'siverse these days I thought I'd supply a more positive anecdote. I was talking to a few acquaintances the other day about our current malaise and how we were not getting the best run of results, and how QPR is the club that keeps giving, and how that has always been the way. When someone asked why we bother to turn up knowing in all likelihood we'll leave beaten, subjugated and probably embarrassed. I was about to answer when my daughter who happened to be there piped up "Yeah but I was there when we beat Palace 6-1 to stay up and no-one can ever take that feeling away. You have to suffer the bad times to appreciate just how special the good are". There were three generations of us at that game, and do you know what? She is right. There have always been bad times but there have also been oh so many good times and though possibly fewer in number they far outweigh the bad.

    Hope you all have festive frolics, seasonal stuffing, and a particularly satisfying yule log

    Tim Nice But ... Feeling Unusually Positive This Festive Season.

  8. 10 months ago
    Tue Dec 20 15:42:37 2016
    Tim Nice But posted in Leaving on a Jet Plane.

    Hoping to get to Brighton, but family commitments mean it's 50/50. Wolves is doubtful and Ipswich will depend if I'm seeing the new year in at Newquay or not.

    Tim Nice But ... Life Getting In The Way Of Important Things Again

  9. Tue Dec 20 15:40:07 2016
    Tim Nice But posted in the Xmas tumbleweed.

    I haven't had an issue posting, apart from when it occasionally say's I can't, but I have anyway, and it worked. Doesn't happen often though; not that I post often anyway.

    Tim Nice But ... Confused Myself There

  10. Tue Dec 20 15:24:04 2016
    Tim Nice But posted in the Xmas tumbleweed.

    It's a bit of a desolate landscape in qpr.org. ... Hard to entice the unwary in without a siren's song. Best not to use the police siren song, that tends to put even the innocent off. I'd go with a scantily clad siren with come to bed eyes; it'd work for me, probably.

    Tim Nice But ... Managed To Avoid Any Cocteau Twins Reference

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