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  1. 2 months ago
    Tue Jan 16 12:23:05 2018
    Tim Nice But posted in Guess the Score.

    Were we chaste?

    Tinm Nice But.... Obscure

  2. Fri Dec 22 10:50:52 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in The supreme command vehicle.


    Tim Nice But ... Computer Illiterate

  3. Fri Dec 22 08:04:03 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in Ben.


    Tim Nice But ... Unoriginal As Ever

  4. 3 months ago
    Tue Dec 5 12:37:56 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in What...

    I was a regular for decades, but the last couple of years I've been commuting from near Bournemouth to near Oxford (150 mile round trip) every day. Means I'm not so keen on the road trip to HQ at weekends. So, I guess that makes me a part timer, not a real fan, and all round bit of a nib-nob.

    Tim Nice But ... Worra Wanka

  5. Tue Nov 28 14:24:34 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in What...

    You betcha.

    Tim Nice But ... Always Good For A Platitude, Not A Duck Billed Platitude - That's Something Completely Different.

  6. Mon Nov 27 12:15:20 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in What...

    It would be a shame to witness it's demise, but unless we can somehow entice the masses back it's a tumbleweed place. Still the first port of call for me, even if I'm not overly active here. I refuse to even visit the fake org and always will.

    Tim Nice But ... Fighting Against The Tide

  7. 4 months ago
    Fri Oct 27 10:16:19 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in What...

    I knew an 'orny theologist once, right tit he was, a bit ruff. He wood pigeon hole (which is probably illegal in these PC gone mad days) everything. Robin bustard he was, bit of a dipper, dunnock owl he got away with it. Eider thought he'd've been dunlin time by now. Egrets, he had a few (something else that's also illegal).....

    Tim Nice But .... Birds, can't Live With Them Or Without Them

  8. Mon Oct 23 13:42:38 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in What...

    I thought ontology was for twitchers.....

    Tim Nice But ... Life, The Universe and Everything Explained

  9. 8 months ago
    Wed Jul 12 07:49:52 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in Justice for JJB!.

    Damn these divisive times, where's the justice, the compassion, the togetherness? Dark times indeed.....

    Tim Nice But .... Freedom For Tooting!


  10. 10 months ago
    Tue Apr 25 10:22:06 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in H.

    During my formative years at school our year could be divided down the middle. Half being hairy, hippy types interspersed with a smattering of not quite so peace loving heavy metal types. The other half having considerably less hair, a much smarter sense of style and a penchant for tamla, philly, atlantic powered soul, interspersed with a smattering of ska and reggae. I was firmly in the second half and still find myself looking for tonics and crombies and loafers.

    Tim Nice But .... Still Sporting Docs After All These Years

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