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  1. 3 months ago
    Fri Apr 28 15:20:42 2017
    B Boston R posted in Another One Bites The Dust......

    You wait 'till I have someone write my book.

  2. Mon Apr 24 00:57:58 2017
    B Boston R started the conversation H.

    ....you still visiting this part of the planet? You'll love my new look...'Soul Boy'.

  3. Mon Apr 24 00:54:10 2017
    B Boston R posted in Sorry to say it but....

    Good news, there's worse sh1t than us.

  4. 4 months ago
    Thu Apr 13 00:12:07 2017
    B Boston R posted in Hard One.

    It couldn't have been Parkway, t'was Temple Meads, have a vague recollection of a river beside / close to the station.

  5. Wed Apr 12 13:01:25 2017
    B Boston R started the conversation Hard One.

    ...to predict, is this Bristol City away fixture. A stadium that I visited many times as a youngster, including one memorably appallingly drunk occasion and another where there was a massive punch up and I was very fortunate not to suffer serious trauma after a handful of us got separated and completely surrounded by their boys.
    Anyway, the match at hand is one of the few where I have no gut feeling for a score line, they might be a little more worried about points, but in the back of their minds they know they're safe, so 1 -1 is my throw away default prediction.
    As a matter of interest, anyone going? I usually travelled by independent means, but had to experience the long march in the peloton from Parkway(?) station once!

  6. Sun Apr 9 15:35:31 2017
    B Boston R posted in Suddenly....

    Hasn't the City of Derby been knocked to the ground and rebuilt (without the aid of the Luftwaffe), since my days running around the Baseball Ground?

  7. Sun Apr 9 15:32:20 2017

    Poor quality 'scope', Hud?

  8. Wed Mar 29 10:21:15 2017
    B Boston R posted in The fake org.

    Was not 'Tina' also rumbled for reading pm's?

  9. Thu Mar 23 01:18:13 2017
    B Boston R posted in I,Daniel Blake.

    Don't know what you're about....you a Welsh cnut yet,arbs?

  10. Thu Mar 23 01:15:16 2017
    B Boston R posted in I think we're safe....

    I'm fairly confident that the foundations have been put in place. If our management remains as is, there appears to be a realistic chance of us competing in the top half of the table next season.

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