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  1. 8 months ago
    Thu Jan 11 02:01:46 2018
    B Boston R posted in What...

    Expect 12/1400 to be there

  2. Thu Jan 11 01:56:14 2018
    B Boston R posted in What...

    Sitting in departure lounge, two hour delay, ‘coz they can’t get their aeroplane to go’.

  3. Thu Jan 11 01:53:27 2018
    B Boston R posted in Boston Snowflakes.

    Don’t be daft man, on a roof during the storm......no , we were those schmucks out clearing it up, then on roofs to stop ‘em collapsing.
    I have snow removal contracts and a gang of men who are well used to the conditions. You get used to it, though we look like f..,.ing snow men by the time we’re finished.

  4. Wed Jan 3 03:00:33 2018
    B Boston R posted in Ben.

    Had a fine old time myself.

  5. Wed Jan 3 02:59:38 2018
    B Boston R posted in What...

    Will be at Burton. First time visit to the town, let alone the club, though I did see them play at Wealdstone circa 1975.

  6. 10 months ago
    Sun Nov 5 16:09:35 2017
    B Boston R posted in What...

    @hubris goat I asked some old faces to come back to this board, but after reading this thread they told me to buzzard off.

    Did they give you the bird?

  7. last year
    Thu Sep 7 14:36:25 2017
    B Boston R started the conversation The supreme command vehicle.

    Just upgraded the number one truck to a supa doopa far too good for work really motor

  8. Thu Sep 7 00:45:12 2017
    B Boston R posted in Bitcoin.

    Fell a thousand bucks in days, but it will probably head back up reasonably quickly. It's very popular at the moment, not that I care that much, I'm the owner of one such, just for kicks, prefer to stick my dough into tangible assets.

  9. Wed Aug 9 23:48:49 2017

    Bit of both Scorps.

  10. Wed Aug 9 23:47:22 2017
    B Boston R posted in Bitcoin....

    If only you put your money where....

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