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  1. 2 months ago
    Sun Apr 9 15:32:20 2017

    Poor quality 'scope', Hud?

  2. Wed Mar 29 10:21:15 2017
    B Boston R posted in The fake org.

    Was not 'Tina' also rumbled for reading pm's?

  3. 3 months ago
    Thu Mar 23 01:18:13 2017
    B Boston R posted in I,Daniel Blake.

    Don't know what you're about....you a Welsh cnut yet,arbs?

  4. Thu Mar 23 01:15:16 2017
    B Boston R posted in I think we're safe....

    I'm fairly confident that the foundations have been put in place. If our management remains as is, there appears to be a realistic chance of us competing in the top half of the table next season.

  5. Mon Feb 27 01:00:45 2017

    Gerry, GERRY....

  6. 4 months ago
    Tue Feb 21 16:08:17 2017
    B Boston R started the conversation Going to work in my office this afternoon.

    .,,sorta. Following the fortunes of a sporting event in west London might, just might come into the equation.
    If we beat WigWam convincingly and I think that's a decent bet, we can forget the relegation battle and finally concentrate on mid table mediocrity.

  7. Tue Feb 21 02:59:12 2017
    B Boston R posted in Huddersfield.

    Well Biscuit, the tide may well have turned.

  8. Fri Feb 10 00:37:23 2017
    B Boston R posted in Woke up this morning feeling fine.

    I wish you, your wife, partner, better half, all the best, not that familiar with the area but haven't heard a bad word about it.....'cept they hate the English.

  9. Fri Feb 10 00:27:10 2017
    B Boston R posted in The fake org.

    I don't know if I'm still allowed on there, will have a go. Did I ever tell you about the 'inner circle' they have? By some fluke accident I got invited...banned after the first post!

  10. Fri Feb 10 00:24:30 2017
    B Boston R posted in The fake org.

    Like many a lothario, I have faked the occasional org.

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