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  1. 4 months ago
    Thu Jan 11 02:01:46 2018
    B Boston R posted in What...

    Expect 12/1400 to be there

  2. Thu Jan 11 01:56:14 2018
    B Boston R posted in What...

    Sitting in departure lounge, two hour delay, ‘coz they can’t get their aeroplane to go’.

  3. Thu Jan 11 01:53:27 2018
    B Boston R posted in Boston Snowflakes.

    Don’t be daft man, on a roof during the storm......no , we were those schmucks out clearing it up, then on roofs to stop ‘em collapsing.
    I have snow removal contracts and a gang of men who are well used to the conditions. You get used to it, though we look like f..,.ing snow men by the time we’re finished.

  4. Wed Jan 3 03:00:33 2018
    B Boston R posted in Ben.

    Had a fine old time myself.

  5. Wed Jan 3 02:59:38 2018
    B Boston R posted in What...

    Will be at Burton. First time visit to the town, let alone the club, though I did see them play at Wealdstone circa 1975.

  6. 6 months ago
    Sun Nov 5 16:09:35 2017
    B Boston R posted in What...

    @hubris goat I asked some old faces to come back to this board, but after reading this thread they told me to buzzard off.

    Did they give you the bird?

  7. 8 months ago
    Thu Sep 7 14:36:25 2017
    B Boston R started the conversation The supreme command vehicle.

    Just upgraded the number one truck to a supa doopa far too good for work really motor

  8. Thu Sep 7 00:45:12 2017
    B Boston R posted in Bitcoin.

    Fell a thousand bucks in days, but it will probably head back up reasonably quickly. It's very popular at the moment, not that I care that much, I'm the owner of one such, just for kicks, prefer to stick my dough into tangible assets.

  9. 9 months ago
    Wed Aug 9 23:48:49 2017

    Bit of both Scorps.

  10. Wed Aug 9 23:47:22 2017
    B Boston R posted in Bitcoin....

    If only you put your money where....

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