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  1. 3 months ago
    Mon May 8 11:11:06 2017
    hubris goat posted in Sorry to say it but....

    @Gerrysmullet No need to talk about the European Parliament like that hg!

    The world's gone to hell in a handbasket GM!

  2. Wed May 3 07:50:56 2017
    hubris goat posted in Sorry to say it but....

    I think it reflects the shambles that is the modern game. A horrible mess caused by globalisation and unrestrained capitalism infringing on a once cosy and familiar world of Saturday only football and players who were born near the ground.

  3. Wed May 3 07:47:56 2017
    hubris goat posted in H.

    Ah mate, my Bean Town visit has been put on hold due to finances... I will keep you posted. Like the sound of the new look, in the sense that I'm chuckling out loud about it!

  4. Thu Apr 27 22:55:19 2017
    hubris goat posted in H.

    Which part of the planet? This website? Soul boy look? Are you being obtuse again Ian?

  5. Thu Apr 27 22:53:59 2017
    hubris goat posted in Another One Bites The Dust......

    I've met several people who've read 'Zen' but you're the first I know Tim who's also read 'Lila'. Loved them both, proper mental workouts and mind-openers - sorry to hear he's gone.

  6. 4 months ago
    Fri Apr 7 07:54:47 2017
    hubris goat posted in Suddenly....

    I hardly think it's down to you Sonners! Hangover after international break and sense of ennui creeping in perhaps, given that we're safe..... Hope to see a reaction tonight when we tonk Brighton though.

  7. Thu Apr 6 08:39:10 2017
    hubris goat started the conversation Suddenly....

    ...nothing happened.

  8. Fri Mar 31 10:10:04 2017


    I've missed you Sonners.

  9. Fri Mar 31 10:09:17 2017
    hubris goat posted in The fake org.

    I've just started posting on Loft For Words and you've all had honourable mentions, with people asking where you are, including you Sonners. Indeed, someone asked if I actually was Tim Nice But! I briefly mentioned the Gnome et al's perfidy (thank you Tim), but it deserves a wider airing.

  10. Thu Mar 30 11:19:25 2017
    hubris goat posted in The fake org.

    Perfidious is the best way to describe them Sonners. Good to see you back by the way.

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