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    Thu Dec 1 19:06:41 2016
    St_Christopher started the conversation Fivers made from beef fat.

    At least we know where the word moolah comes from now.

  2. Thu Dec 1 19:01:36 2016
    St_Christopher posted in 'ere, residents of Canary Wharf.

    'Arry's bar. Named after Cripps , not Redcrapp.

  3. Thu Dec 1 00:37:15 2016
    St_Christopher posted in Blacks V Whites.

    Thanks Hud, interesting indeed.

    Star signs won't work as there'll always be some dipstick predicting the result (Septic Lawro?) so how about Brexiteers vs Remainians and lets settle the issue once and for all.

    England White vs Black
    Was that some famous Boz humour or fact and, if so, when was that game supposed to have happened?

  4. Thu Dec 1 00:26:44 2016
    St_Christopher posted in She wasn't the best looking bird but....

    Yeah, but on a Thursday night; when did we get into the Europa League?

  5. Mon Nov 28 00:32:09 2016
    St_Christopher started the conversation Blacks V Whites.

    ...How Football Changed The World.
    Did anyone else watch this documentary (worth a lookup on BBC i player)?

    I guess I wasn't old or wise enough to know anything of such a game at the time but, with my enlightened 21st glasses on, I'm astonished it was allowed to take place at all. Apparently it was a testimonial for Len Cotterell (I'm guessing on spelling) in the 1970's and I only watched the documentary from about half an hour in but my interest was piqued by some of the names in the team. Cyrille Regis, Laurie Cunningham, Remi Moses, Garth Crooks and our very own Bob Hazell.
    Sir Les is also interviewed by presenter Adrian Chiles near the end (Les being, it would seem, the only black director in football). His view about the glass ceiling at management and board level is, at best, sobering. It also made me proud of our club because Rangers are almost single handled carrying the fight against discrimination in that particular respect.

    Given that some 30% of Premier League players are black, Trevor Sinclair, for me, still has a point when he suggested that many do not progress to coaching and management because they don't want the aggravation. For those who do want to stay in football, it pleases me to know that, if they are good or ambitious enough, they can look at our club and think to themselves "I've got a chance there".

  6. Sun Nov 27 23:53:33 2016
    St_Christopher posted in 'ere, residents of Canary Wharf.

    A new ear worm for the collection. I'll be hearing that for days now.
    Respect may be due.

  7. Fri Nov 25 01:49:46 2016
    St_Christopher posted in She wasn't the best looking bird but....

    I doubt we'll go big in January given the club says it wants to promote youth once again. The good news is that Derby's Will Hughes could be available for around £1M. Not a lot of dollars for someone with a goal record that stands comparison with a certain Mr Austin. And with Messiah Ollie being widely regarded as one of the most likeable gaffers in the game, our chances of landing him may have just gone up a tad.

  8. Wed Nov 23 04:42:33 2016
    St_Christopher posted in She wasn't the best looking bird but....

    I'll admit, three points and a smile on most peoples faces was instantly gratifying for me. Not in a break out the Kleenex way of course, Jeez I ain't that cheap.

    What, huh, really! And you're sure about that?
    Apparently I am that cheap.

  9. Wed Nov 23 04:31:39 2016
    St_Christopher posted in 'ere, residents of Canary Wharf.

    Oh, and that part of East London is too trendy for Sharia rule so you should be okay singing loud ditties when you tumble out at closing time.

  10. Wed Nov 23 04:27:46 2016
    St_Christopher posted in 'ere, residents of Canary Wharf.

    If you want a decent pint give CF a swerve and go up stream half a mile to Narrow St and the surrounds in Wapping. CF's boozers are mostly located within Upper and Lower Bank Streets (admittedly quite picturesque if questionable late 20th and early 21st century architecture turns your crank) but are largely the usual suspects, Ask, Belushis, Smollenskys etc. Hardly any of the old spit and sawdust dockers pubs exist there now as a result. Narrow St has the benefit of fewer spotty "bankers" and Bermondsey TOWIEistas to fight your through to reach the bar plus a grown up selection of drinks to choose from when you get there. Among others it boasts The Grapes, one of London's oldest pubs and The Narrows, if you like a bit of Gordon 'king Ramsey. You also have the option of The Dickens Inn at St Katherines Dock if you're open to venturing a little further.

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