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    Mon Aug 7 10:13:46 2017
    Lunar Jetman posted in Well, that was a pleasant surprise! .

    I've not renewed my season ticket for the first time in 25 years due to a number of factors, none of them down to the standard of football on show!

    My son reccons that we'll have a good season now we're not going!

  2. Mon Aug 7 10:11:53 2017
    Lunar Jetman posted in Justice for JJB!.

    How do you get banned on WATRBs???

  3. 3 years ago
    Wed Jun 24 15:29:19 2015
    Lunar Jetman posted in hmm, Southampton.

    What are the odds on Sky Sports News having 'Arry in the studio or just having a chat with him in his car to get a view from him on potential transfers, just for old times sake?

  4. Wed Jun 24 12:47:15 2015
    Lunar Jetman posted in hmm, Southampton.

    Despite all the noise, no-one seems to have actually put in a concrete bit yet for Austin. There's still time of course but there seem to be a number of teams ruling themselves out already. Looks like Newcastle could be the only team interested....

  5. Tue Jun 9 12:23:00 2015
    Lunar Jetman posted in if Charlie goes.....

    Heskey's still around isn't he?

  6. Tue Jun 9 12:22:21 2015
    Lunar Jetman posted in What is wrong with America?.

    Its probably the same bloke or family stalking you...

  7. Fri May 29 14:22:10 2015
    Lunar Jetman posted in Hoos Are You?.

    Doesn't look like he will be working directly with Ramsey though so won't be the same issues as reportedly seen at other clubs.

    He'll more than likely have to work with Les so since Les appears to be the man Fernandes' has left in control, it may not be so contentious as at other clubs. We'll see...

  8. Fri May 29 14:11:49 2015
    Lunar Jetman posted in Hunt Brothers?.

    How low exactly are you expecting our sights to be set if you think the Hunt brothers are targets??

  9. Fri May 29 14:09:34 2015
    Lunar Jetman posted in Inequality on the road..

    If its on her backside wouldn't it read AR5E ?

  10. Fri May 29 14:08:13 2015

    Not Dwight then...

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