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    Fri May 5 21:08:15 2017
    G Gerrysmullet posted in Sorry to say it but....

    No need to talk about the European Parliament like that hg!

  2. Sun Apr 30 20:07:45 2017
    G Gerrysmullet posted in Sorry to say it but....

    Well we got there in the end, and even though results elsewhere started to align themselves in a familiar malignant pattern we managed to just crawl over the line! I guess it is the way of this club so I should be used to it by now! So the last berth aboard HMS League One is left open for either the badly run Trees, the even worse run mad chicken farmers or finally the dreadfully run Brummies led by 'Arry 'you only have to give me the brown paper bag stuffed with notes' if I keep you up' Redknapp! How did we get to mix it with such esteemed company, and all of us having spent quality time at the top table in the not too distant past?

  3. Sat Apr 22 21:19:30 2017
    G Gerrysmullet started the conversation Sorry to say it but....

    ...having been following this club for more years than I care to remember this has now got 'Relegation' written all over it! When you see teams like Plymouth and Portsmouth down in league 2, plus our old nemesis Millwall in the league below, you realise that shit happens and any 'orrible permutation is possible in the next two games! Please someone cheer and shake me from my scotch induced melancholy!

  4. 2 years ago
    Fri Dec 2 20:01:51 2016
    G Gerrysmullet posted in She wasn't the best looking bird but....

    Can someone please reassure me that we have not entered yet another mid-winter slump, if my memory serves me right Ollie was prone to a couple throughout his previous tenure? ( Still hopingng to avoid the usual QPR dead cat bounce!)

  5. Wed Aug 10 15:36:27 2016
    G Gerrysmullet posted in Watford FC.

    On the subject of B****t, I was shaken warmly by the hand and congratulated for our nation's decision by a Swiss Banker I met on a train in Germany. Have to admit that I did check my pockets for my wallet after we parted!

  6. Fri Jun 24 21:39:34 2016
    G Gerrysmullet posted in Blimey.

    How strange I woke this morning and my old grey mullet was its old 1975 lustrous brown, it was like I had woken from an odd dream! Bless you Hud a voice of balance at last and a recognition that this was democracy in action. Sure big business, big media and big government didn't call it or want it but for once the ordinary man and woman had their say! It felt like the two fingers of the Agincourt bowman had raised, not to say 'up yours' but to say join us in victory and freedom! Next up Nexit.

  7. 3 years ago
    Tue Feb 23 16:27:43 2016
    G Gerrysmullet posted in EU referendum.

    Mmmmm, can see your quandary Mr H, like being caught between the 'devil and the deep blue sea'? I just feel at least we can vote out our neo-liberals every now and again!

  8. Mon Feb 22 18:08:35 2016
    G Gerrysmullet posted in EU referendum.

    Time we grew up as a nation, and traded with the world confidently once again - so its 'Out' for me. I read somewhere that the amount of inventions, medical advancements, music and other creative stuff that has come out of these small damp islands in the Atlantic is way beyond anything that is logically possible yet we still keep doing it and in my humble opinion will continue to do so. So forward into the brave new world outside of the undemocratic behemoth that is the EU!

  9. Wed Feb 17 09:27:35 2016
    G Gerrysmullet posted in Is It Worth It?......

    Ah spirit of 76, now there was a poster!

  10. Sat Feb 13 20:04:14 2016
    G Gerrysmullet posted in Never been to Preston.

    Always seemed to be passing through the bus station at Preston at
    some unholy hour? Think it was something to do with the fact that the place was the border between the 'the true north' and some place that thought it was northern like Manchester?

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