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    Wed Oct 3 06:08:09 2018
    G Goofy posted in Justice for JJB!.

    He's a very big boy!

  2. Wed Oct 3 06:06:20 2018

    LFW looks worth the occasional read. I also had a quick look at Gnomesworld - I haven't posted there since the true .org was resurrected (in common with most here!) bar once after Fawny died. It doesn't get any better over there, so bland compared with the hilarious, anarchic original .org, I can't understand how so many don't seem bothered by the difference. Or the usurping and subsequent petty control-freakery.

  3. Wed Oct 3 05:49:47 2018
    G Goofy posted in Maybe we are not that bad.

    He does seem a singularly uninspiring man, to my eyes completely lacking in leadership qualities but then I see only his media facing persona - I hope there is a lot more to him away from the microphones and cameras.

  4. Wed Oct 3 05:44:24 2018

    Only this one, strangely. However seeing the mentions of LFW I will give that a look now...

  5. Wed Oct 3 05:43:02 2018
    G Goofy posted in We're not very good.

    I am still in Reading Hud, and yes, it would be good to catch up - no doubt it will happen in the fullness of time!

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    Tue Aug 28 19:51:31 2018
    G Goofy posted in We're not very good.

    Thanks Scorps!

    Seeing your moniker instantly reminds me of a pub down Fulham way, I think I was with Arbie and Deepsea when we met? Anyway, the football that day was pretty awful (6-0 I think) but the pub crawls before and after very entertaining. I ended up crammed into a tiny pub up towards Chiswick somewhere, can't remember who I was with but I do remember having great difficulty getting over the central barrier of the A4 on my stagger back to Paddington.

  7. Mon Aug 27 08:51:57 2018
    G Goofy posted in We're not very good.

    Not for a few seasons now, I started having difficulty with crowds. Last match I went to was against Derby but I'm not sure what season it was, 3 or 4 years ago anyway. I had to leave during the first-half as I had the oppressive feeling that everyone was slowly moving towards me and I was having trouble breathing. No drugs or alcohol were involved!! It was the first manifestation of an issue I started to have in various areas of life and led to a bit of a withdrawal from social situations as well as the deletion of social media accounts. I think maybe I had reached a point where I made life over-complcated and I was mentally giving myself a kick to just let it all go and accept what will be.

    As you say, possibly a different path but similar reasons that led Arbie to Wales and you to consider a move out of town! Are you still getting to matches yourself?

  8. Fri Aug 24 15:13:17 2018
    G Goofy posted in We're not very good.

    Hiya Hudster, hope all is good with you (and all persistent .orgers)

    Yeah, something along those lines, I was increasingly feeling the weight of modern life bearing on me and had to unplug for a while, just let it all calm down and simplify.

  9. Tue Aug 21 20:43:59 2018
    G Goofy posted in We're not very good.

    We may even be a bit worse than that

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