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    Tue Feb 21 21:55:04 2017

    Jesus, where's your optimism man?

    We are only 18 points off the play offs and 28 off of second place. We can still win this!!!!

  2. Tue Feb 21 21:51:39 2017
    Mr Biscuits posted in Huddersfield.

    Smith and Washington. Told ya!!!

  3. Mon Feb 13 21:56:09 2017
    Mr Biscuits posted in Woke up this morning feeling fine.

    If you are fucking off to Wales Ells does this mean I am now off the hook for that suit after losing the Joey Barton bet?

  4. Mon Feb 13 21:53:54 2017
    Mr Biscuits posted in Huddersfield.

    Despite being a multi season ticket holder these days attendance at HQ for me this season has been a little sporadic to say the least. I generally go more to see family and friends and when even that's not enough to drag my arse out in the cold I rely on the kids wanting to go and dragging me there. The football hasn't been a pull for quite a while. This is pretty much down to Piggybaink setting his teams up not to lose rather than to win and boring me to tears.

    Anyway I have been to a few games under Holloway now and, aside from Reading away, really can't believe how we aren't picking up more points. The performances I have seen, while a bit patchy, have generally been good. Certainly far more watchable - even in defeat - than under Jimmy Floyd. We are playing at a good tempo, passing it well and creating chances, we just don't seem to be clinical in taking them. I can't see Smith being prolific but if we can get Washington closer to him I think they could be a decent pairing. Conor has to be the unluckiest player I have seen in to while, coming to Rangers as a goal scorer and then getting stuck out wide left by not one but two managers. If that doesn't work (heard it claimed we can't go 442 with our midfielders) then get Ravel in and around Smith for the knock downs and we should have a few 20 yard rockets flying in. There isn't that much broken with this side, I see promise. I may even turn up for the Wigan and Cardiff games.

    In other news how good did Freeman look on debut? Quick feet, loads of energy and a good goal. That could be a great £300k!

  5. Mon Feb 13 21:30:22 2017
    Mr Biscuits posted in The fake org.

    As Jack correctly states above I got supa-perma-mega banned some time ago for gnome baiting.

    Well worth it, the cunt.

  6. Fri Jan 13 22:11:06 2017
    Mr Biscuits posted in Reading, Reading Between The Lines.

    In fact the only thing missing was Sylla scoring so we could sing his name to MJ's Thriller complete with jacko dancing etc.

    yes, I was that pissed.

  7. Fri Jan 13 22:08:20 2017
    Mr Biscuits posted in Reading, Reading Between The Lines.

    Love an away win. I was lucky enough to get invited by a load of Rangers lads who had a box there last night. Drinking from half 3. We were all hammered by kick off and the box was right down the home end with seats outside in a little private area. We purposely kept a lid on it until we scored - cue Pandemonium and loads of really pissed off fakers who then got subjected to an hour of us belting out songs and taking the piss. Great night and hilarious looking at their pissed off little faces.


  8. Fri Jan 13 22:02:37 2017
    Mr Biscuits posted in 20th Birthday.

    Many happy returns Ben

  9. Thu Sep 29 13:59:40 2016
    Mr Biscuits posted in Allegations.

    The most interesting thing to have come out of thisnso far for me is that someone on Facebook pointed out how much Jimmy Floyd Piggybaink looks like a tortoise. And he does.

    In the cold light of day though and having read the article I cant really see where he has done much wrong. Yes, its distasteful but he only seemed to be joking abiut 'taking a player'...."haha better make it a good one etc".

    Tortoise faced greedy piggybaink. Oink oink.

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