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  1. 3 months ago
    Wed Jul 12 07:49:52 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in Justice for JJB!.

    Damn these divisive times, where's the justice, the compassion, the togetherness? Dark times indeed.....

    Tim Nice But .... Freedom For Tooting!


  2. 5 months ago
    Tue Apr 25 10:22:06 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in H.

    During my formative years at school our year could be divided down the middle. Half being hairy, hippy types interspersed with a smattering of not quite so peace loving heavy metal types. The other half having considerably less hair, a much smarter sense of style and a penchant for tamla, philly, atlantic powered soul, interspersed with a smattering of ska and reggae. I was firmly in the second half and still find myself looking for tonics and crombies and loafers.

    Tim Nice But .... Still Sporting Docs After All These Years

  3. Tue Apr 25 09:06:36 2017
    Tim Nice But started the conversation Another One Bites The Dust......

    Robert M Pirsig has died at the age of 88. I really enjoyed Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance (A Inquiry Into Values). A classic duality. Both a good story and a valuable lesson on life all rolled into one. Also enjoyed Lila (An Inquiry Into Morals). Stumbled on Zen at a charity shop. It's one of a small selection of books I've kept and read many times.

    Tim Nice But .... Well Red, Shoe Tread, Bookish Thread

  4. 6 months ago
    Fri Mar 31 08:01:54 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in The fake org.

    Perfidious from the latin perfidia "treachery" - includes Janus faced as part of it's definition - two faced: insincere and deceitful. Sums them up nicely.

    Tim Nice But ... In Awe Of Hud's Eloquence

  5. Fri Mar 24 10:48:08 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in I,Daniel Blake.

    Arbs is Ian? I thought Bosman was Ian?

    Tim Nice But ... Me Doctor? No Me Doctor You Nurse

  6. 7 months ago
    Thu Mar 23 09:03:20 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in I think we're safe....

    Once again we're in agreement. I'm looking forward to a looking up the table next season rather than down as I was at the start of this one. It's really starting to feel like we've got our Rangers back.

    Tim Nice But ... Optimism? Where'd That Come From?

  7. Mon Mar 13 08:13:35 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in New.

    Good to see the revival continue. It's been a long time coming and seems ironic that it begins on a shoestring budget after the excesses of yesteryear.

    Tim Nice But ... Shoestring, Wasn't That A TV Detective Series?

  8. Thu Mar 9 08:09:54 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in I think we're safe....

    Tend to agree, I think we'll be ok now. But this is the R's and we can be oh so unpredictable. Having said that if we can hold this team together, and not get raided in the transfer window, next season could be a humdinger. It's nice to be feeling positive for a change, and looking forward to being entertained by a team that is performing as a team. It's been a while.

    Tim Nice But ... I Think We're Alone Now

  9. 8 months ago
    Thu Feb 9 08:38:30 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in The fake org.

    I view the fake org occasionally, but refuse to join. I did see a suggestion from the gnome that "perhaps we can move on after all this time". Well I have, but not onto that cnut shafted what was, as you say, the world's best message board. It's a crying shame it never recovered. It's still my first point of call and the only one I'm mildly active on. I registered for Clive's LFW, but have never posted.

    Tim Nice But ... Living In The Past In A Jethro Tull Stylee

  10. Wed Feb 1 09:30:28 2017
    Tim Nice But posted in Ravel's Bolero.

    I saw somewhere that he won't be eligible to play up't norf today. Some dodgy EFL legal eagle blox. So, stacking trolleys it is then.

    Tim Nice But ... Got A Job, Got A Hat, Got A DEVO Record

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