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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Tue Apr 2 07:35:58 2019
    Tim Nice But posted in shhhhh.

    Got an uncomfortable feeling it's not going to be so much who we fancy so much as who would be willing to step into the breach. And that could be a short and uninspiring list.

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  2. Mon Apr 1 14:50:10 2019
    Tim Nice But posted in shhhhh.

    I can recommend Varca, it's quite rural but you don't get the crowds. The beach must be at least a couple of miles long, and there was only a handful of people near us. One of my Indian colleagues reckons the next province down from Goa is very similar to how Goa was 20 years ago, unspoilt and hardly any tourists.

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  3. 3 weeks ago
    Thu Mar 28 13:06:34 2019
    Tim Nice But posted in shhhhh.

    Had to be a Royal Enfield, we were in India after all. It was bloody good, cheap beer, cheap food, cheap-ish accomodation (even though I have no doubt we were paying tourist rates wherever we went). I intend to go back for longer and venture further afield. The people are friendly and helpful, you just have to avoid North Goa as it's party central, more expensive and has a huge Russian contingent. I much preferred the south, the further south you go the more rural and less false it becomes.

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  4. Tue Mar 26 13:14:10 2019
    Tim Nice But posted in shhhhh.

    Been away to Goa. Riding Royal Enfields down the coast and across to the mountains. Batteries suitably recharged for the crushing disappointment of the end of season roller coaster.

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  5. 3 months ago
    Tue Jan 8 08:57:29 2019
    Tim Nice But posted in QPR 2 Leeds United 1..

    Quite right sir! Does seem sadly ironic that we move on from Dirty Lids to Pompey though doesn't it? A QPR cup run? who'd've thought it.

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  6. 6 months ago
    Mon Oct 1 07:42:55 2018
    Tim Nice But posted in Maybe we are not that bad.

    I thought he was supposed to be a great coach, although not necessarily a great manager. I do struggle to see the difference when it comes to football. How can you coach a player and still have the ability to destroy their confidence? How can you be a great coach and yet not be able to read the game and make the necessary changes to turn the tide? How can you be a great coach and oversee the implosion of what should be a competitive side? it's beyond me.

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  7. Wed Sep 26 12:08:24 2018
    Tim Nice But posted in Maybe we are not that bad.

    Then again........

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  8. 7 months ago
    Tue Sep 18 08:13:01 2018
    Tim Nice But posted in Maybe we are not that bad.

    Bizarre isn't it, sign a couple of half decent strikers, actually play them in their actual positions and flippin' 'eck score some goals. Who'd've thought it? The world's gone mad, mad I tell you.....

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  9. Wed Sep 12 07:32:48 2018

    I don't contribute much anywhere these days. Still in denial over the usurping of this board. I absolutely refuse to go to Gnome's World. I use LFW as my main source of all things hooped but rarely join in. I did try WATRB yoinks ago but found it a bit "unfriendly". I believe it's changed ownership/style since then but haven't had the chance to delve back in. I really should get my act together and start contributing. Ho um, pig's bum as they say. Not sure who "they" are but you've got to worry about their fascination with a pig's arse, some people are weird.

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  10. Tue Sep 11 07:13:08 2018
    Tim Nice But posted in We're not very good.

    We haven't dropped any points for a while either, things are on the up I feel.

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