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  1. 3 weeks ago
    Sat Oct 28 21:25:27 2017
    Sonic posted in What...

    Ill Eagle, lol. I see what you did there.

  2. 4 weeks ago
    Wed Oct 25 22:37:51 2017
    Sonic posted in What...

    I'm sure the twitchers would have been Chuffed to bits to get a mention. They used to keep a load of seats free for them in R block, it was called the spare-row.

  3. Mon Oct 23 19:39:35 2017
    Sonic posted in What...

    you should have tweeted that.

  4. Mon Oct 23 00:15:25 2017
    Sonic posted in What...

    Heidegger, Kierkegaard and Camus

    Ex-Essential (ist) philosphy lads

  5. 7 months ago
    Thu Apr 6 13:49:55 2017
    Sonic posted in Suddenly....

    We've gone on a losing streak since I posted so I thought I'd try not posting again. I had considered posting a review of the Derby game but the only positive I could see was that the beer in Derby has improved in quality and variety.

  6. Thu Mar 30 12:10:19 2017

    According to my calculations

  7. Thu Mar 30 12:05:48 2017
    Sonic posted in The fake org.

    You're right Hud, they were a couple of perfidious cunts - and thank you

  8. Wed Mar 29 12:52:01 2017
    Sonic posted in The fake org.

    I'd forgotten about that stalky weirdo. I'm not sure if he did or not, but he was the first case of "internet butthurt" I'd ever seen. I hope he found some inner peace.

  9. Tue Mar 28 16:51:58 2017
    Sonic posted in The fake org.

    I'm still banned, after being in the "inner circle" as well. I think it was when I pointed out there was an "inner circle" bitching about the plebs and that Drew or/and Virginia Arse were reading Private messages. Couple of right cunts in my opinion.

  10. last year
    Fri Nov 4 17:50:32 2016
    Sonic posted in How bloody good is this!.

    Puerile lefty nonsense. The BBC should be taken outside, put in the stocks and pelted with faeces. Then shot. I quite enjoyed it.

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