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    Mon Apr 1 20:13:14 2019
    Sonic posted in shhhhh.

    If we're going for a big name they don't come much bigger than Sotiris Papagiannopoulos. (bit jealous of Tim's trip, that's thrown my train of thought a bit)

  2. 7 months ago
    Fri Oct 5 18:58:21 2018
    Sonic posted in Eze Does it.

    "England have leapfrogged Nigeria in the race for Queens Park Rangers sensation Eberechi Eze after the striker cum attacking midfielder was included in the Young Lions squad for games in October.

    Eze, who has caught the eye for QPR this campaign and was recently named the club's Player of the Month, has received his first call-up to the England team and could debut for the U20s when they face Italy at Mill Farm, AFC Fylde on October 11."

    Hopefully we can hang to him in January and beyond, but this must put a few quid on his value.

  3. Tue Oct 2 11:25:22 2018

    I'm also barred from Gnomeland and sometimes read LFW. Most of my QPR news comes from Sonic Jr who is far more knowledgeable and interested in football than myself.

  4. Tue Oct 2 11:14:06 2018
    Sonic posted in Maybe we are not that bad.

    McClaren is a good coach of players that don't need coaching but a poor manager of players that need managing. He also seems to be undermining our young players rather than bringing them through, loaning out Manning being one of his most glaring errors in judgement. I can't even watch his post match interviews as he seems to be living in an alternate universe where everything is conspiring against his obvious genius to confound his expectations. Hopefully injuries in key areas will lead him to picking a decent starting formation because he doesn't seem able to see beyond his first idea.

  5. 11 months ago
    Tue Jun 12 13:28:29 2018
    Sonic posted in Knock, knock.

    Knock Knock
    Did you heat that?
    Yeah, but we've dug the hole now and nailed the lid shut, may as well bury them.
    That was cheaper than a divorce.

  6. Sun Jun 3 23:45:35 2018
    Sonic posted in Knock, knock.

    Knock Knock
    Who's there?
    Biggish who?
    already bought one thanks...

  7. last year
    Sat Jan 20 13:18:34 2018
    Sonic posted in Guess the Score.

    I'm betting not as much as you did in your teens.

  8. Sat Jan 20 13:16:52 2018
    Sonic posted in Boston Snowflakes.

    I hadn't hought of that, that'd be pretty cool (no pun intended). I was thinking about the one on the Mexican border, I'm not a builder myself but I'm guessing using snow/ice wouldn't be an option there.

  9. Fri Jan 19 23:52:22 2018
    Sonic posted in Boston Snowflakes.

    You seem to have most areas sewn up there but have you put a tender in for the wall yet?

  10. Sat Oct 28 21:25:27 2017
    Sonic posted in What...

    Ill Eagle, lol. I see what you did there.

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