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    hubris goat

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  2. Off to sunny Brentford with Adam on Saturday. C'mon youn Rsss!!

    Brexit not going very well at the moment. Interesting (dangerous) times ahead I think.

  3. I think they've all passed away Hud. When you come to think of it, they were all getting on a bit.

  4. hubris goat

    Mar 10 Moderator

    you might be right Jack!!

  5. 8 weeks ago

    Been away to Goa. Riding Royal Enfields down the coast and across to the mountains. Batteries suitably recharged for the crushing disappointment of the end of season roller coaster.

    Tim Nice But.......Not quite that old...........yet.

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    hubris goat

    Mar 27 Moderator

    Cor that sounds nice Tim.

  7. I like the sound of a Royal Enfield Tim, hope you had a great time.

  8. Had to be a Royal Enfield, we were in India after all. It was bloody good, cheap beer, cheap food, cheap-ish accomodation (even though I have no doubt we were paying tourist rates wherever we went). I intend to go back for longer and venture further afield. The people are friendly and helpful, you just have to avoid North Goa as it's party central, more expensive and has a huge Russian contingent. I much preferred the south, the further south you go the more rural and less false it becomes.

    Tim Nice But ..... Back At Work And Already Planning The Next Escape

  9. hubris goat

    Mar 30 Moderator

    Kerala might be a bette bet, so I've heard. In all these years I've yet to visit India. I've got to get out there one day, and next winter would be a great time to do it!

  10. Im going to South Goa next January.

  11. I can recommend Varca, it's quite rural but you don't get the crowds. The beach must be at least a couple of miles long, and there was only a handful of people near us. One of my Indian colleagues reckons the next province down from Goa is very similar to how Goa was 20 years ago, unspoilt and hardly any tourists.

    Tim Nice But ... Who Needs Trip Advisor When You've Got A Hooped Community

  12. Hello All

    Who do you fancy as QPR's next manager?

  13. If we're going for a big name they don't come much bigger than Sotiris Papagiannopoulos. (bit jealous of Tim's trip, that's thrown my train of thought a bit)

  14. Got an uncomfortable feeling it's not going to be so much who we fancy so much as who would be willing to step into the breach. And that could be a short and uninspiring list.

    Tim Nice But ... Ever The Pragmatist

  15. 5 weeks ago

    hubris goat

    Apr 12 Moderator

    The putative manager list is predictably tedious with a few random exceptions such as Lee Bowyer, the best of the otherwise hapless or unhinged bunch.

  16. Bowyer would be my choice Hud, I've always been a fan.


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