Was at the game last night

  1. 6 months ago

    Electric atmosphere - something that's been missing for a long time at Rangers. Of course this incredible upswing in results and performances is what's it's all about. The last few games we've been fantastic, but beating John Terry's Villa - priceless.

  2. Where were you Hud?

  3. In W Jack, mate had a spare. Was a lot of fun there actually, because X block has become a strong singing area and of course the away fans are really close. Especially good on Friday night with all the Terry chants!

    Last time I was in W I saw Tricky Trev score THAT goal. 1997 was it? Blimey.

  4. Lets start plotting an away day

  5. More the better, Rangers support needs numbers boost.

  6. What game do you fancy?

  7. 5 months ago

    Thinking about Stoke...reckon we might be good for a draw up there.

  8. You got that one right Richard. Hope you are well.


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