Maybe we are not that bad

  1. 8 months ago

    After all ?

  2. Wednesday will tell.

  3. We are not that bad. Amazing business getting Nahki Wells on loan, and along with Hamed, it's transformed us having two decent strikers. We haven't had a decent striker for ages. Lumbering Smith being our best last season speaks volumes. I was gobsmacked how first Ollie and then SMC persisted with Washington. He was obviously shite from the get go. And we've got two super midfielders in Eze and Freeman. Should be a half decent season now.

  4. Bizarre isn't it, sign a couple of half decent strikers, actually play them in their actual positions and flippin' 'eck score some goals. Who'd've thought it? The world's gone mad, mad I tell you.....

    Tim Nice But .... Gobsmacked

  5. 7 months ago

    Then again........

    Tim Nice But .... My Cup Runneth Over

  6. No, we are that bad. Or at least, McClaren is that bad. All the motivational skills of a block of mouldy cheddar cheese.

  7. I thought he was supposed to be a great coach, although not necessarily a great manager. I do struggle to see the difference when it comes to football. How can you coach a player and still have the ability to destroy their confidence? How can you be a great coach and yet not be able to read the game and make the necessary changes to turn the tide? How can you be a great coach and oversee the implosion of what should be a competitive side? it's beyond me.

    Tim Nice But ... Exasperated

  8. McClaren is a good coach of players that don't need coaching but a poor manager of players that need managing. He also seems to be undermining our young players rather than bringing them through, loaning out Manning being one of his most glaring errors in judgement. I can't even watch his post match interviews as he seems to be living in an alternate universe where everything is conspiring against his obvious genius to confound his expectations. Hopefully injuries in key areas will lead him to picking a decent starting formation because he doesn't seem able to see beyond his first idea.

  9. He does seem a singularly uninspiring man, to my eyes completely lacking in leadership qualities but then I see only his media facing persona - I hope there is a lot more to him away from the microphones and cameras.

  10. Well we drew at home to Derby and an injury to Bidwell forced him to bring Wszolek on, a player who should be starting every game IMO - and once on, altered the course of the game. So hopefully fate will continue to conspire for us, for once, not against us.

  11. 6 months ago

    He’s not exactly awe inspiring, but at least we don’t have to be fluent in Double Dutch for the post match interviews.


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