What other QPR boards to you frequent?

  1. 8 months ago

    I'd be surprised if this was the only place you expressed your love* of all things QPR, we need an outlet! Where else do our minute band of regulars post? I tend to frequent the much lambasted WATRB and the rather more erudite Loft For Words.

  2. I don't contribute much anywhere these days. Still in denial over the usurping of this board. I absolutely refuse to go to Gnome's World. I use LFW as my main source of all things hooped but rarely join in. I did try WATRB yoinks ago but found it a bit "unfriendly". I believe it's changed ownership/style since then but haven't had the chance to delve back in. I really should get my act together and start contributing. Ho um, pig's bum as they say. Not sure who "they" are but you've got to worry about their fascination with a pig's arse, some people are weird.

    Tim Nice But ... Keeping An Eye Out For "Them"

  3. I wouldn't dream of going to Gnome's world, like you, I have never really got over the way he usurped the .org and took it for his own. He killed the best messageboard we've ever had.

  4. I'm barred from Gnome's world. I sometimes post on the " QPR Optimistic Supporters" Facebook page, very rarely though.

  5. 7 months ago

    I'm also barred from Gnomeland and sometimes read LFW. Most of my QPR news comes from Sonic Jr who is far more knowledgeable and interested in football than myself.

  6. Only this one, strangely. However seeing the mentions of LFW I will give that a look now...

  7. LFW looks worth the occasional read. I also had a quick look at Gnomesworld - I haven't posted there since the true .org was resurrected (in common with most here!) bar once after Fawny died. It doesn't get any better over there, so bland compared with the hilarious, anarchic original .org, I can't understand how so many don't seem bothered by the difference. Or the usurping and subsequent petty control-freakery.

  8. 6 months ago

    LFW. I’m Just plain old Boston over there, the usurper who signs in as Boston R is nothing to do with me.


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