It's all go on here

  1. 9 months ago

    Non-stop hustle and bustle. Like Piccadilly Circus in rush hour.

  2. There's talk about the weather warming up.

  3. "Feels like rain"
    "What does?"

  4. First cloudy night for weeks and we miss the Blood Moon.

    I blame FFP complications.

  5. I blame the clouds.

  6. It's definitely the clouds. I blame the fact that more people are storing stuff in them.

  7. I heard a bloke in the pub last night saying a friend of his was storing water in the clouds because he was afraid that a drought was on the way, what a load of bollocks!

  8. Just watching Tipping Point.
    Question: What's the capital of Jersey?
    Contestant's answer: Isle of Wight.

  9. Edited 9 months ago by rblockells

    Another exciting season ahead.Edge of the seat stuff when it comes down to the business end of the season and we might finish in the upper part of the lower half of the Championship.

  10. Bad-a-bing bad-a-bang... we start the season with a......

    ...typical, predictable loss. So predictable in fact that even Michael Fish predicted it. So predictable that even Cassandra was believed when she foretold this barely 3,000 years ago. So predictable that Nostradamus didn't even bother to disguise it in some gnomic epigram, he just wrote 'PNE v QPR first game of the season, it's got 1-0 nil written all over it.'

    But does that mean the rest of the season will be dire? Of course not! I predict we will win a game, at some point!

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