Boston Snowflakes

  1. last year

    Looks a bit dodgy in Boston today Ian, I hope your not repairing roofs.

  2. Don’t be daft man, on a roof during the , we were those schmucks out clearing it up, then on roofs to stop ‘em collapsing.
    I have snow removal contracts and a gang of men who are well used to the conditions. You get used to it, though we look like f..,.ing snow men by the time we’re finished.

  3. You seem to have most areas sewn up there but have you put a tender in for the wall yet?

  4. in building igloos?

  5. I hadn't hought of that, that'd be pretty cool (no pun intended). I was thinking about the one on the Mexican border, I'm not a builder myself but I'm guessing using snow/ice wouldn't be an option there.

  6. Crikey, who knew there was a border!


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