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  2. last year

    Good question. What do you think? An oeuf is an ouef?

  3. It would be a shame to witness it's demise, but unless we can somehow entice the masses back it's a tumbleweed place. Still the first port of call for me, even if I'm not overly active here. I refuse to even visit the fake org and always will.

    Tim Nice But ... Fighting Against The Tide

  4. Keep going...like the Rrrrs did tonight

  5. You betcha.

    Tim Nice But ... Always Good For A Platitude, Not A Duck Billed Platitude - That's Something Completely Different.

  6. Keep going... for what Arbie? The five of us who post?

  7. How many of the famous five actually attend the home games on a regular basis?

  8. I was a regular for decades, but the last couple of years I've been commuting from near Bournemouth to near Oxford (150 mile round trip) every day. Means I'm not so keen on the road trip to HQ at weekends. So, I guess that makes me a part timer, not a real fan, and all round bit of a nib-nob.

    Tim Nice But ... Worra Wanka

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    @Scorpion How many of the famous five actually attend the home games on a regular basis?

    Probably only you now Jack. Although Dan used to post on here, I guess he's not one of the famous five.. Bozzer seems to get over fairly regularly. As you know, I only get to the occasional game these days... mind you, you've started me buying extra strong mints in lieu of actually seeing you there!

  10. Will be at Burton. First time visit to the town, let alone the club, though I did see them play at Wealdstone circa 1975.

  11. Nice one Bos.

  12. Sitting in departure lounge, two hour delay, ‘coz they can’t get their aeroplane to go’.

  13. Expect 12/1400 to be there


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