1. last year

    Anyone know he value of Bitcoin at the moment?

  2. Fell a thousand bucks in days, but it will probably head back up reasonably quickly. It's very popular at the moment, not that I care that much, I'm the owner of one such, just for kicks, prefer to stick my dough into tangible assets.

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    Current spot price £3,485, $4,547 (It's not hard to find Jack).

    Given that I was recommending them ages ago at £200, £400, even £700 last year, I wish/hope some of you got onboard then.

    Most digital cryptocurrency is on the up and up. Bitcoin is now legal tender in Japan, soon to be in Russia. The Chinese are designing their own crypto, Russia may follow suit. Putin recently gave his backing to Ethereum (another excellent bet). Google and many other major corporations, banks, hedge funds etc. are getting into crypto in a big way.

    Tangible assets? Crypto his here to stay. It's fiat currencies that are on their way out.

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    PS - it rises and falls all the time - it's volatile because it's digital and anyone can trade easily thee days, therefore its timescale of adoption is super-compressed compared to the historical progress of gold (for example). However, its overall trend is up. Clearly.

    I predict £4k very soon, could even double that by the end of the year. Ultimately, it will go much, much higher as it becomes universally adopted, fiat currency crumbles and the world moves over to P2P digital trading.

  5. Yes Hud I know, just trying to get the message board moving. Cunning plan.
    Boston Boston show us ya truck!

  6. A cunning plan indeed Jack - it worked!

    PS - see you at the game tomorrow!


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