Justice for JJB!

  1. last year

    Our stalwart friend of the org Joseph Jeremiah has been banned from WATRB - so now this is the only QPR site left for him to post on. Please spare a thought and continue to keep this forum the lively and entertaining place that it is.......... if only just for Joe.

  2. Who did you upset Joe? What did you write? Did you say you don't like Jeremy? Was it to do with football or something deeper and darker? We just gotta know Joe.

  3. Damn these divisive times, where's the justice, the compassion, the togetherness? Dark times indeed.....

    Tim Nice But .... Freedom For Tooting!

    JJB Is Innocent.jpg

  4. He'll have no problem finding somewhere to go, bloody useful are JCB's.

  5. How do you get banned on WATRBs???

  6. It's not that hard surprisingly! Poor old Joe just made a somewhat tasteless joke. Didn't deserve a ban....

  7. He's a big boy, he'll get over it.

  8. 7 months ago

    He's a very big boy!


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