1. 2 years ago
    Edited last year by hubris goat

    ....you still visiting this part of the planet? You'll love my new look...'Soul Boy'.

  2. During my formative years at school our year could be divided down the middle. Half being hairy, hippy types interspersed with a smattering of not quite so peace loving heavy metal types. The other half having considerably less hair, a much smarter sense of style and a penchant for tamla, philly, atlantic powered soul, interspersed with a smattering of ska and reggae. I was firmly in the second half and still find myself looking for tonics and crombies and loafers.

    Tim Nice But .... Still Sporting Docs After All These Years

  3. Which part of the planet? This website? Soul boy look? Are you being obtuse again Ian?

  4. No Hud, I decided, while all around me succumb to obesity and shaven heads, that I'd drop a few pounds and grow my hair. Big fringe, swept back, I'm auditioning for Haircut 100 in the morning.
    Planet....thought you were making an appearance in Bean Town?

  5. Ah mate, my Bean Town visit has been put on hold due to finances... I will keep you posted. Like the sound of the new look, in the sense that I'm chuckling out loud about it!


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