Sorry to say it but...

  1. last year

    ...having been following this club for more years than I care to remember this has now got 'Relegation' written all over it! When you see teams like Plymouth and Portsmouth down in league 2, plus our old nemesis Millwall in the league below, you realise that shit happens and any 'orrible permutation is possible in the next two games! Please someone cheer and shake me from my scotch induced melancholy!

  2. Being at the game yesterday I can only agree with you.

  3. Good news, there's worse sh1t than us.

  4. 11 months ago

    Well we got there in the end, and even though results elsewhere started to align themselves in a familiar malignant pattern we managed to just crawl over the line! I guess it is the way of this club so I should be used to it by now! So the last berth aboard HMS League One is left open for either the badly run Trees, the even worse run mad chicken farmers or finally the dreadfully run Brummies led by 'Arry 'you only have to give me the brown paper bag stuffed with notes' if I keep you up' Redknapp! How did we get to mix it with such esteemed company, and all of us having spent quality time at the top table in the not too distant past?

  5. I think it reflects the shambles that is the modern game. A horrible mess caused by globalisation and unrestrained capitalism infringing on a once cosy and familiar world of Saturday only football and players who were born near the ground.

  6. No need to talk about the European Parliament like that hg!

  7. @Gerrysmullet No need to talk about the European Parliament like that hg!

    The world's gone to hell in a handbasket GM!

  8. @hubris goat The world's gone to hell in a handbasket GM!

    Yes, but which one? Been through the community named such in Cauliflowerornia, (know people nearby), then there's a quite well known place in Michigan and of course there's the Hell that is Norway.
    Then again we could be talking Voidoids....gotta go listen to Chinese Rocks now.


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