I,Daniel Blake

  1. 2 years ago


    What the fuck is going on in our once kind and caring country?

  2. It's always been like this! We just had a golden age between 1960s and 2008 where people didn't get fucked over quite so much and affluence boomed on cheap credit...

  3. Don't know what you're about....you a Welsh cnut yet,arbs?

  4. He is Ian!

  5. As the noble Lord Hudlington well knows,I am not and will never be a Welsh cnut.

    However, I am a West London boy moving to the Huddist enclave of Rhuddlan,North Wales.

    All welcome.

  6. Arbs is Ian? I thought Bosman was Ian?

    Tim Nice But ... Me Doctor? No Me Doctor You Nurse

  7. Tres witty Timothy!


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