I,Daniel Blake

  1. last week


    What the fuck is going on in our once kind and caring country?

  2. hubris goat

    Mar 13 Moderator

    It's always been like this! We just had a golden age between 1960s and 2008 where people didn't get fucked over quite so much and affluence boomed on cheap credit...

  3. 3 days ago

    Don't know what you're about....you a Welsh cnut yet,arbs?

  4. hubris goat

    Mar 23 Moderator

    He is Ian!

  5. As the noble Lord Hudlington well knows,I am not and will never be a Welsh cnut.

    However, I am a West London boy moving to the Huddist enclave of Rhuddlan,North Wales.

    All welcome.

  6. 2 days ago

    Arbs is Ian? I thought Bosman was Ian?

    Tim Nice But ... Me Doctor? No Me Doctor You Nurse

  7. yesterday

    Tres witty Timothy!


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