I think we're safe...

  1. 2 years ago

    ...already this season, can't see 3 from 6 teams at the bottom getting more than 46 points, and boy does 14th place look good!

    It was fairly nail-biting earlier when we lost 6 on the trot, but clearly Olly was in the process of sizing up the squad and implementing his plans. Now we can see that coming to fruition, and the addition of two great players for us, Matt Smith and particularly Luke Freeman, has really helped. I feel like we might actually enjoy next season now!

  2. Tend to agree, I think we'll be ok now. But this is the R's and we can be oh so unpredictable. Having said that if we can hold this team together, and not get raided in the transfer window, next season could be a humdinger. It's nice to be feeling positive for a change, and looking forward to being entertained by a team that is performing as a team. It's been a while.

    Tim Nice But ... I Think We're Alone Now

  3. I'm fairly confident that the foundations have been put in place. If our management remains as is, there appears to be a realistic chance of us competing in the top half of the table next season.

  4. Once again we're in agreement. I'm looking forward to a looking up the table next season rather than down as I was at the start of this one. It's really starting to feel like we've got our Rangers back.

    Tim Nice But ... Optimism? Where'd That Come From?

  5. Amazing ain't it, the Rangers Rollercoaster is about to go on an upwards path again it seems. What a ride.


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