The fake org

  1. 2 years ago

    Out of sheer boredom I thought I'd take look at the rip-off org and lo and behold there's a thread about it being 10 years old. 10 years since the gnome shafted Ben to take control of the world's best message board. It never regained that status. Thing is there's some disinformation in the thread about Ben that needs correcting; I'm not going to do whatever you have to do to post in the 'QPR discussion forum' - but if there's someone here that's registered - Arbie - I'm thinking you - could you put them straight on a few points? Like this scurrilous post:

    " Southgate Hoop wrote:
    What actually happened to the first one, why did it change over?

    I believe Ben went walkabout and just let it die. He did restart it again, see above, but I don't know anything about it."


  2. I view the fake org occasionally, but refuse to join. I did see a suggestion from the gnome that "perhaps we can move on after all this time". Well I have, but not onto that cnut shafted what was, as you say, the world's best message board. It's a crying shame it never recovered. It's still my first point of call and the only one I'm mildly active on. I registered for Clive's LFW, but have never posted.

    Tim Nice But ... Living In The Past In A Jethro Tull Stylee

  3. I am banned from gnomeland.

  4. Anyone on here registered over there? Please do me a favour and sort that thread out!

  5. Deleted 2 years ago by hubris goat
  6. I'm also banned, so are my sons Daniel and Adam. Adam because he had the same IP address as me and Daniel because Daniel is Daniel.

  7. Theoretically I could still post there. Since I actually get name-checked in that post, clearly they still remember me. Would cause a right old stir if I posted on there, but the gnome would consider it a victory I think. Such a shame so many splitters didn't come here. DM was here for a bit, but he prefers the limelight over there it seems. Plenty of others who could return. I see Ray in that thread bemoaning the loss of the original org. Well it's still here!!

  8. Like many a lothario, I have faked the occasional org.

  9. I don't know if I'm still allowed on there, will have a go. Did I ever tell you about the 'inner circle' they have? By some fluke accident I got invited...banned after the first post!

  10. Hahhaaaaa!

  11. As Jack correctly states above I got supa-perma-mega banned some time ago for gnome baiting.

    Well worth it, the cunt.

  12. I'm still banned, after being in the "inner circle" as well. I think it was when I pointed out there was an "inner circle" bitching about the plebs and that Drew or/and Virginia Arse were reading Private messages. Couple of right cunts in my opinion.

  13. Was not 'Tina' also rumbled for reading pm's?

  14. I'd forgotten about that stalky weirdo. I'm not sure if he did or not, but he was the first case of "internet butthurt" I'd ever seen. I hope he found some inner peace.

  15. Perfidious is the best way to describe them Sonners. Good to see you back by the way.

  16. You're right Hud, they were a couple of perfidious cunts - and thank you

  17. Perfidious from the latin perfidia "treachery" - includes Janus faced as part of it's definition - two faced: insincere and deceitful. Sums them up nicely.

    Tim Nice But ... In Awe Of Hud's Eloquence

  18. I've just started posting on Loft For Words and you've all had honourable mentions, with people asking where you are, including you Sonners. Indeed, someone asked if I actually was Tim Nice But! I briefly mentioned the Gnome et al's perfidy (thank you Tim), but it deserves a wider airing.


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