Woke up this morning feeling fine

  1. 2 years ago

    Got Queens Park Rangers on my mind
    Ollie's got us playing the way that the Rangers should
    Oh yeah
    Something tells me I'm into something good

  2. And just as you're leaving to live in rural bliss in the pioneer Huddist enclave...

  3. Deleted 2 years ago by hubris goat
  4. On a musical link....... After he Fool'em game I wandered into Brixton and found myself an exile on Cold Harbour Lane before going to Electric Avenue.

    Tim Nice But ... Alabama 3 Bound With A Touch Of Eddy Grant

  5. Moving to the sticks, Arbie?

  6. He's moving to North Wales boyo.

  7. One of his friends on Facebook made reference, I don't understand why, to sheep.

  8. to enjoy the good life Jack - fresh leeks and cheap beer boyo. It's called downsizing. Anyway, you can ask him tomorrow as he will be in R Block, as will I!


  9. I thought the game was on Saturday Hud, I'm looking forward to seeing you both.

  10. Got a ticket in the row behind..Row M.

    Will try to squeeze in next to the noisy Welsh bloke.

  11. I wish you, your wife, partner, better half, all the best, not that familiar with the area but haven't heard a bad word about it.....'cept they hate the English.

  12. Thanks for the kind wishes Bos.The anti English thing is more South and Mid Wales,and the cottage burning of the 70's died out.They only get anti English in North Wales over rugby and I couldn't care less about that.

    Will still come to a few home games,and will go to plenty of away games in the North West...so beers will be taken when you are over.

  13. If you are fucking off to Wales Ells does this mean I am now off the hook for that suit after losing the Joey Barton bet?

  14. No.


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