Reasons To Be Cheerfull.....

  1. 2 years ago

    In view of all the negativity and demand for instant gratification that pervades the R'siverse these days I thought I'd supply a more positive anecdote. I was talking to a few acquaintances the other day about our current malaise and how we were not getting the best run of results, and how QPR is the club that keeps giving, and how that has always been the way. When someone asked why we bother to turn up knowing in all likelihood we'll leave beaten, subjugated and probably embarrassed. I was about to answer when my daughter who happened to be there piped up "Yeah but I was there when we beat Palace 6-1 to stay up and no-one can ever take that feeling away. You have to suffer the bad times to appreciate just how special the good are". There were three generations of us at that game, and do you know what? She is right. There have always been bad times but there have also been oh so many good times and though possibly fewer in number they far outweigh the bad.

    Hope you all have festive frolics, seasonal stuffing, and a particularly satisfying yule log

    Tim Nice But ... Feeling Unusually Positive This Festive Season.

  2. Nice one Cyril.

  3. Nice one squirrel.

  4. In keeping with the season, three young men aimlessly wandering around in search of a joyous event. We, though in a virginal state, let them score, there's a star in there somewhere.


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