Leaving on a Jet Plane

  1. 2 years ago

    ....we shall follow the rain clouds and in a matter of hours will alight at Thiefrow. I shall be following my usual procedure in London of the arts, culture, football and the occasional beer.
    I will be present at Brighton, Wolves and Loftus Rd for the Ipswich spectacular. Let me know if there are any of you as sad as I am?

  2. Hoping to get to Brighton, but family commitments mean it's 50/50. Wolves is doubtful and Ipswich will depend if I'm seeing the new year in at Newquay or not.

    Tim Nice But ... Life Getting In The Way Of Important Things Again

  3. Dang I will be away for all of that! Hope you actually get to see the endangered species known as a Rangers victory mate.

  4. Making the Brighton trip on the coaches, very few seats left.


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