the Xmas tumbleweed

  1. 5 months ago

    hubris goat

    Dec 20 Moderator

    ...blows listlessly across the snowy plains of ..

  2. It's a bit of a desolate landscape in ... Hard to entice the unwary in without a siren's song. Best not to use the police siren song, that tends to put even the innocent off. I'd go with a scantily clad siren with come to bed eyes; it'd work for me, probably.

    Tim Nice But ... Managed To Avoid Any Cocteau Twins Reference

  3. Dunno 'bout you but I often find the site won't let me post?

  4. I haven't had an issue posting, apart from when it occasionally say's I can't, but I have anyway, and it worked. Doesn't happen often though; not that I post often anyway.

    Tim Nice But ... Confused Myself There

  5. hubris goat

    Dec 20 Moderator

    @Boston R Dunno 'bout you but I often find the site won't let me post?

    What happens when you try to post Ian? Can you give me a brief description?

  6. Not sure HUD, it's intermittent but fairly regular, often stops me posting for days. The sites post a reply tab usually adopts a grey look, apart from that the place looks pretty much the same.

  7. hubris goat

    Dec 22 Moderator

    Okay, will let Ben know.


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