What we need....

  1. 2 years ago

    is a captain. I'm afraid Ned ( gawd bless him) is not up to the job IMO. Someone who can control the team on the pitch. At the moment they are running about like a load of lost sheep. We need a captain who can encourage them and sort them out when things get difficult. At the moment the team has no leadership.

  2. Shaun Derry, Ryan Nelsen, Clint Hill kinda thing?

  3. Is a great big melting pot.

  4. Big enough to take the world and all it's got.

    Tim Nice But ... Blue Mink Anyone?

  5. Yes Hud, I was at the Rotherham game and it was blatantly obvious that leadership on the field was non existent. Olly needs to sort this out now.


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