Interesting Weekend

  1. 2 years ago

    Looking at the fixtures and table this could be an interesting weekend. Looking at the table: from Villa downwards the bottom half of the table are all playing each other. The result at Rotherham could be a bit more important than usual as the league could start to spread. We really need to win this one and not just for a confidence boost.

    Tim Nice But ... Putting The Anal In Analytical

  2. I've completely lost track of this season. Too many changes over recent years. Wake me up in May!

  3. Hibernation is not just a Scottish football team.

  4. My brother's eldest boy asked permission to rescue his future mental health yesterday.

    After the result at Rotherham was confirmed,he pleaded.."Daddy please can I be allowed to stop supporting QPR?"

    My brother granted permission and my nephew's future will be secure.

  5. Can I have my bag back please.


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