'ere, residents of Canary Wharf

  1. 2 years ago

    Where would one go for a couple of pints in that part of the world?

  2. If you want a decent pint give CF a swerve and go up stream half a mile to Narrow St and the surrounds in Wapping. CF's boozers are mostly located within Upper and Lower Bank Streets (admittedly quite picturesque if questionable late 20th and early 21st century architecture turns your crank) but are largely the usual suspects, Ask, Belushis, Smollenskys etc. Hardly any of the old spit and sawdust dockers pubs exist there now as a result. Narrow St has the benefit of fewer spotty "bankers" and Bermondsey TOWIEistas to fight your through to reach the bar plus a grown up selection of drinks to choose from when you get there. Among others it boasts The Grapes, one of London's oldest pubs and The Narrows, if you like a bit of Gordon 'king Ramsey. You also have the option of The Dickens Inn at St Katherines Dock if you're open to venturing a little further.

  3. Oh, and that part of East London is too trendy for Sharia rule so you should be okay singing loud ditties when you tumble out at closing time.

  4. "Sharia don't like it", Rock the Casbah....

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    A new ear worm for the collection. I'll be hearing that for days now.
    Respect may be due.

  6. I've been singing that (ironically) for years!

  7. Does Millwall Rugby Club have a bar?

  8. 'Arry's bar. Named after Cripps , not Redcrapp.


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