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  3. Never his greatest fan, though I do find myself amused by him and appreciate his respect for the club. Here's to the man winning me over.

  4. Could be worse, Ince is still sniffing around every available hotseat. Even the duty manager at my local Sainsbury keeps looking fearfully over his shoulder.

  5. I was going to do a bit on the "Impatience, intolerant, instant gratification" vibe that seems to be the call to arms currently, and how that could be Ollie's downfall as the knives will not be long coming out, but couldn't be arsed.
    When we interview at work one of the main criteria is "will they fit in?" I have no doubt that Olly will fit in fine. He's a legend and more importantly he's our legend.
    He might not have been my first choice, and I hope the second coming doesn't leave him tarnished beyond redemption, but now he's here I'm happy.

    Tim Nice But ... Olly Olly Olly, Oi Oi Oi

  6. I'll admit, three points and a smile on most peoples faces was instantly gratifying for me. Not in a break out the Kleenex way of course, Jeez I ain't that cheap.

    What, huh, really! And you're sure about that?
    Apparently I am that cheap.

  7. Was gutted I couldn't make it on Saturday. Having Olly back is a strange feeling. It feels like we've gone down a wormhole and ended up back in 2002. But then this is a very strange year of unexpected outcomes, so I guess it fits in well with that. It was good to see him employ a completely different system to JFH, and great to get a win, but (having watched the game on QPR player), it's clear we have a fairly rudimentary strike force and relatively average squad for this division. If we could introduce a couple of players of genuine flair, that would really make a huge difference. It will be interesting to see if the owners back him on this in January.

  8. I doubt we'll go big in January given the club says it wants to promote youth once again. The good news is that Derby's Will Hughes could be available for around £1M. Not a lot of dollars for someone with a goal record that stands comparison with a certain Mr Austin. And with Messiah Ollie being widely regarded as one of the most likeable gaffers in the game, our chances of landing him may have just gone up a tad.

  9. Good call Chris.

  10. Well, the new manager bounce, that we are not used too, didn't last long. Shame, I really thought we'd turn over the tractor boys. Still, from flatlanders to midlanders; onwards and upwards.

    Tim Nice But ... Ever The Optimist

  11. Yeah, but on a Thursday night; when did we get into the Europa League?

  12. Thursday night football feels very strange.

  13. Can you get negative manager debounce? It appears we may have. Generally I thought we looked the better side; lacked any real fire power up front but were making chances. It was disappointing to see how much our heads dropped after the first goal. It took a long time to get the chest thumping fire in their bellies that Ollie was calling for, by which time it was too late.
    The game was crying out for some width. Wingers popping in dangerous crosses. I thought Wolves were there for the taking and we didn't do the business.
    It's going to be a long season methinks.

    Tim Nice But ... In Need Of Beer

  14. Can someone please reassure me that we have not entered yet another mid-winter slump, if my memory serves me right Ollie was prone to a couple throughout his previous tenure? ( Still hopingng to avoid the usual QPR dead cat bounce!)

  15. I wish I could Geraldo, but it could get worse before it gets better....

  16. Mr Hollowhead, did you not read the terms and conditions of your contract. Clearly states that you were hired to be our saviour.


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