Merry Christmas

  1. 2 years ago

    Yes, i'lll be spending my first Christmas in Olde England for many a year. Brighton and Wolves away, Ipswich at home. I'll take three draws.

  2. You'll need three draws over here in winter. It's a bit parky (other outer garments are available - I'd suggest a donkey jacket; the poor man's crombie).

    Tim Nice But ... I'll Get Me Coat

  3. Fellah, you don't know what a winter is!

  4. Don't know what winter is? I'll have you know I can clearly remember one year the snow almost reached the top of the grass on our lawn. It was like a white sheet with tiny green polka dots. That was a rough winter young fella me lad and no mistake. Another half inch at it would've reached the top of my shoes. There was a bit of a chill in the air too, I had to wear a tank top over my spoon collar shirt.

    Tim Nice But .... Ice Cold In Alice (But That's A Different Story)

  5. @Tim Nice But Tim Nice But .... Ice Cold In Alice (But That's A Different Story)

    And one we'd rather not hear!

  6. Oh I don't know, the Rabbits coat didn't get that colour because it was the middle of the summer.

  7. I always thought there was a dark sexual meaning to that Chas n Dave song...

    Tim Nice But ... She's Got More Rabbits Than Sainsburys ( Other Stockists Are Available)

  8. Do Sainsbury's actually stock rabbits?

  9. I seem to recall some public outrage from The Sun when one of the supermarkets opened a 'rabbit section'. But I think it might've been Asda - which might explain the spank me advert on the tele?

    Tim Nice But ... The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog

  10. Ah, you see I never watch adverts, so I wouldn't know what the spank me ad is all about....

  11. I saw The Adverts at Brunel University in 1977.

    Gaye Advert on bass guitar this hormonal teen all in a tizz i can tell thee.


    Sainsbury's do indeed sell rabbit.

    I hope this helps

  13. Thank you, Mr Biscuits.

    Ells I saw Gaye Bykers on Acid once.

    I mean the band, I wasn't on acid at the time watching homosexual motorcyclists ride past.

  14. I don't watch adverts often, I tend to zone out when they're on, go get a beer out of the fridge, or a cuppa, have a slash, whatever. But I distinctly remember once half watching the tele, half mind wandering off into an alternative universe, when the whole zoning out thing went a step further. One minute I wasn't concentrating then the world went quiet, my peripheral vision faded and the tele almost glowed, burning into my psyche. There was a perfectly denim wrapped pair of cheeks being smacked by their owner as the female shopper mouthed "spank me" through her f**k me red lipstick coated lips ( an official colour, honest). I've since been told she actually said "Asda price", but I swear that's not what I heard.

    Tim Nice But ... Must've Been The Mind Expanding Drugs (Courtesy Of Vivian Stanshall)

  15. well I've searched long and er hard and I just can't find that advert timbo, now you've got me all riled up.

  16. Asda.JPG

    As usual I'm not sure if this is going to work......

    Tim Nice But ... Fingers Crossed

  17. Hmmm, that's not quite what you advertised....

  18. It was the best I could do under the circumstances. Doing a search on t'interweb using fook me red lipstick and spank me was likely to tarnish my innocence.

    Tim Nice But ... As Pure As The Driven Snow

  19. I'v e never eaten rabbit in the U.K., but I did have many a bolognesed bunny when I was arsing around in Italy.

  20. Edited 2 years ago by Boston R

    Oh yes, that are delicious, if you cut them up into very small pieces they taste just like erm rabbit.

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