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    29 Sep 2016 Administrator

    I'd like to make it clear that, despite allegations in the press, I have never accepted payment as an incentive to influence the transfer policy of QPR.ORG. All posters were signed and (mostly) released on their own merits.

  2. I don't know nuffink about it Judge.

  3. Sue the Torygraph, there's likely to be a queue you can join. What I can't understand is how JFH thinks he is worth £55,000 when for that you could have;

    Dick and Dom, £5,800
    Daley Thompson, £10,000
    Brian Blessed, £6,500
    Keith Chegwin, £5,000
    Steve Cram, Sally Gunnel, Roger Black, Chris Packham and Basil Brush

    Plus I'd do it for the air fare, accommodation, food and beer.

  4. I reckon Jimmy'll swerve this, he hasn't done anything wrong by the letter of the law....

    And also, a honey-trap like this is very dodgy journalism, IMO.

  5. I never did manage to figure out the difference between allegations and crocodiles.

  6. Edited last year by Mr Biscuits

    The most interesting thing to have come out of thisnso far for me is that someone on Facebook pointed out how much Jimmy Floyd Piggybaink looks like a tortoise. And he does.

    In the cold light of day though and having read the article I cant really see where he has done much wrong. Yes, its distasteful but he only seemed to be joking abiut 'taking a player'...."haha better make it a good one etc".

    Tortoise faced greedy piggybaink. Oink oink.

  7. camel

    eye of needle

    or something

  8. -image-

    Bit harsh ells, but I can just about see the resemblance


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