Tony Pulis

  1. 2 years ago

    I just read on google news that Pulis is being lined up to replace JFH
    Although why would you leave a Prem club to join a Championship midtable team

  2. Yeah, it's being widely speculated since there things coincided: Pulis falling out with WBA owners, a record loss to the Geordies and Pulis watching the game next to Les. However, would Les really be that blatant? And of course, unless he has a crystal ball the result was unknown until the game ensued!

    But anyway, would we want Pulis?

  3. You could ask would Pulis want us after witnessing that debacle.

    Tim Nice But ... The Wheels On The Bus? Where Have They Gone?

  4. With any luck the answer is no.

    They mostly get sacked after 5, mostly!

  5. To be honest before JFH, before Ramsgate, before Redkrapp, I wanted Slaven Bilic, and I wish we had him now. JFH seems limited and I really wanted to back him.

  6. I'll stick with him for the first 45 minutes on Wednesday.

  7. Just wanted to say I'm ok with Mr Pulis. I quite like his humour to be frank. Shirley not you say, well mark my words if he turned up, bobs yer uncle, everything would turn up trumps.


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