well that was a laugh..

  1. last year

    Wasn't it? I had a hangover, the players had a hangover, the entire crowd had some kind of collective hangover.

    Question: why on earth didn't JFH sub Ngbakoto for Shodipo ASAP? It was clear he wasn't getting any joy on the left wing. In the end, he brought on El Khayati. How has Shodipo fallen from grace so quickly? Thought he looked fantastic v Leeds and pretty good v Swindon.

    Strange day.

  2. Strange football club, always has been.

  3. It was kind of inevitable that the wheels would come off at some point. It's the QPR way. Same with the subs, it seems it's a tradition for the majority of the crowd to be able to see the substitutions we're crying out for, and it's a QPR tradition for 'the management' to ignore them (until it's too late). It's a funny old game.

    Tim Nice But ... Stranger Than Fiction

  4. Hang on.

    "I had a hangover..."

    Are you back on the sauce Hud?

  5. Errrr....


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