Top Of The League .....

  1. last year

    ..... What's that all about? Not conceding AND scoring??? The world's gone mad, mad I tell you!

    Tim Nice But ... Living In An Uncertain Reality

  2. Quantum physics relies on the existence of parallel universes. Maybe were seeing the first direct evidence.

  3. Or perhaps we go back to "normal"

  4. That's it, I've had enough of this season.

  5. Everyone back on board!

  6. Love it! The Chief smashes the only goal of the game.

    Don't know if any of you frequent other boards, but the abuse Onuoha gets is absurd and bloody irritating.

  7. If I could choose one QPR player and invite him to my home for a meal and a chat with my family it would be Nedum.

  8. Yes, he does have his share of critics, but they generally fall into the category of 'he's not a right back', so...

  9. Hud, if you're talking about WATRB, all that negativity is why I don't bother. Too many scuff marks on the knuckles of some of the posters for my liking (bit rich coming from the likes of me but there you go).

  10. Don't bother with WATRB either, far too highbrow for me guvna. Look in on GnomeWorld occasionally but refuse to register. There's some self righteous knobs on there, with the odd more well balanced individuals. As for Nedum he get's unwarranted criticism, they need a scapegoat and it would appear it's his turn.

    Tim Nice But ... There's Nowt As Queer As Folk (Other Musical Genres Are Available)

  11. We are the Nedum boys, stand up and make some noise.

  12. Yeah I was talking about WATRB. I know what you mean, but I have been assisting its subtle transformation into something slightly more highbrow!


  13. As opposed to monobrow yes?

  14. I really rather like that there's differences. WATRB, one or two ruffians(some who I admit to having known quite well), the Dot, slightly top heavy on lecturing types (again, know a few), but hey, hardly ever visit, not posted for gawd knows how long, better they exist than having empty space.


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