Hey, What Happened To......

  1. last year

    ....My Got Web Page For Nutritional Advice?

    Tim Nice But ... Appleby's, Don't They Make Cider?

  2. It was posted by a bad apple.

  3. ...but he was the teachers pet.

  4. I always had an urge to pet my french teacher.....

    Tim Nice But ... elle avait un beau cul

  5. Me too, until I met the Greek teacher.

  6. My geography teacher also taught mother superior and smelt like 1863 so she was a non starter.

  7. I was very fond of the teacher who taught me Chinese, within one week I new what No.14, No.26, and No.52 tasted like.

  8. ....Tiddles?

  9. 8 out of 10 for that one bloke.

  10. Leon Trotsky?

    (going back to the thread title)

  11. Strangled.

  12. I thought he got an icepick that made his ears burn?

  13. I always struggled with Shakespearo, struck me as lazy lyric writing. But hey ho, what do I know?

    Tim Nice But ... Once rhymed Taxis' with Taxes In A Punk Stylee

  14. Oh, I quite like all the Shakespearos line!

  15. Thought sigfried was the one with the line.


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